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Ecuador is a small Andean country in South America. It shares borders with Colombia and Peru. Ecuador is literally on the equator, but even so, you can find all kinds of climates there (not just hot), because of the mountainous landscape.

For a traveler Ecuador is a great place, because it’s possible to find beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rain- and cloud forests, so it have a lot to offer. From the capital Quito is easy to travel all around the country by bus or by plane. Whether its culture or nature you enjoy you can find it in Ecuador.

Ecuador is quite safe a country if you are careful. Travelling with the right attitude will take you far. Not everyone who come to talk to you, are trying to cheat you. People especially in smaller towns are quite interested in tourists. I have noticed this many times, people often come to talk to me just because they are curios. During my living here only once someone has tried to steal from my bag, but luckily I noticed the guy trying to open my bag zipper. Avoid going out after dark, especially to the places you are not familiar with, armed robberies do happen. Most pick pockets happen in busy places like on the buses so try to keep your bag in front of you in those places.

Electricity is 120 volts AC, 60Hz. Plugs are American-style with two flat blades.

Places to visit in Ecuador

The Amazon Basin


The Galapagos Islands


Traveling in Ecuador


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