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Magical Moment

Do you know that magical moment when everything seems to stop? It’s just you and the moment, nothing disturbing it. I want …

snakebite, venomous, South-America, Ecuador, Cuyabeno, jungle

My Husband Was Bitten By Snake

We have some really venomous and deadly snakes here in Ecuador. Last February something really terrible happened, my husband was bitten by …

Cuyabeno Reserve, Ecuador, travel, tour

Why Should You Travel to Ecuador

Why should you travel to Ecuador? Let me tell you, here are my top reasons why you should travel to Ecuador! Ecuador is Easy …

Amazon, Ecuador, destruction

Let´s Protect the Amazon Rainforest

Protecting the the Amazon rainforest  has become an important mission for the environmentalists. The Amazon rainforest is a huge region of about 6.7 million km2, …

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